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Canopy Gert Schneider offers you the possibility to get to know the Amazon rain forest.
His trips are placed outside the usual destinations. The groups have a max. size of 4 people.

- starting in Leticia ( located at the border triangle
  Colombia-Brazil, Peru)
- hiking through the rain forest by day and by night
- The best way to see the nature of the rain forest
  from new points of view are canopy-tours
- With the help of ropewalker you'll crest the tree
  tops of the giant trees
- Hiking and staying overnight on platforms (20-40m)
- Visits of native indian communities
- wild life watch
- stay overnight in hammocks in the forest
- with a canoe on the rivers, lakes and depends on the season through the overflooded florest

A Great Idea is first the rain forest and after recovering on a carribbean island.

Infos: Gert Schneider (

Here you'll find a video from a Canopy-tour.
have fun.

Canopy Tour

And here you'll find 2 more videos.

Visits of native indian communities

trips through the rainforest

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