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Round trip

I offer a round trip on the island to all of my visitors (free of charge) if you rent a Mula or a golf cart so we can get easy to everything and can stay where you like it.

I'll suggest you where to go but you'll make the decissions and we'll see what else will happen during the trip.

Some ideas:
• Cueva de Morgan
• West View (snorkeling or Aqua Nautica)
• La Laguna
• Blowing Hole
• a really nice Regggae bar at the beach to have a siesta during the trip
• Bengues Place with benches at the beach and iced coconutwater or Piña coloda, Cocoloco, beer and water

You'll let me know when you want the trip - I'll comply. But please notice that the trip takes at least 1/2 of a day.

I offer this to you because there are a lot of places you want even notice. E.g. a small island restaurant, which isn't attractive but you get there really great and low priced food.

Just let me know if you are interested.

  Royal Rudes

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