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At the airport of departure you have to buy the "Tarjeta de turismo" (about 50.000 COP).
It's very important that you put the correct adress.
It has to be a signed in at the Occre.

Taxi: You can call it yourself, best directly after the landing that the driver has time to come to the airport.

This driver knows all the apartments on the website:
Manrique - mobile: 316 4620915
Ramiro - mobile: 317 6639934
Ricky - mobile: : 317 5847076

You can also give me call after you check in to confirm your arrival time. I'll send you a taxi to the ariport.

Price to San Luis: 20.000 COP
Price to Tom Hooker or Westsite: 25.000 COP

(only with this driver, Tom Hooker and Westsite are more expensive with others)

After midnight the pice is doubled !!!!!!!!

  Royal Rudes

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