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A trip on the island

San Andrés-city

The capital of San Andrés is located in the northern tip and is the center of the island for comercial and tourism. The island is a free trade area and offers plenty of shops. San Andrés-city is loud ad alive. You can eat very well and cheap (10.000 bis 15.000 pesos) in small local restaurants.

At the northern tip , called Northend , is the airport , which was inaugurated in 1955

A circular tour on the island is always worthwhile . one passes the Bahia Sardina / Sprat Bay in the tourist area of San Andres with many hotels and shops. From here, are starting the boats to Johnny Cay , Haynes Cay and Acuario.

Heading west along the beach you reach the Pink Park , the most important sports facility on the island with the Coliseo Rossado and ballpark.

Behind the Airport is the northern residential area of ​​the city. After that you should definitely trip to the Cueva de Morgan, the cave of the pirates Henry Morgan. Legendary the place where the Pirate Morgan has hidden his precious treasures. Many have searched for them, but so far no one has been able to find them. The grotto of coral rock consists of a maze of Watercourses ( 35 m depth ), which are connected with the sea. In recent years, the Natives made ​​a big affort to pimp this attraction . So you can admire for example, a small Museum .

Continue on the coastal road it goes to the next station El Cove, the deepest bay of the island. Nowadays are landing here the ships of the Colombian Navy and the cruise ships .

After about 4 km you will reach La Piscinita (Pax Hole) . A steep rock wall of coral has developed a beautiful natural swimming pool. On the hand is very good restaurant run by locals.

The journey takes us to the Hoyo Soplador (blowhole). At high tide the wind blows the water in the underground passages and creats a water fountain by the compressed air, that shoots through the 40 cm large blowhole some emters high. A delicious Coco Loco and other drinks and food can be purchased .

A little further on you reach Punta Sur (South End), the southern tip of the island. Here you find Coral rocks on one side and coconut plantations on the other.

Continues along the coast it goes now to San Luis where many of locals of the island are living. The place offers a lot. Churches and houses in traditional style. There are many restaurants and small bars. Legendary Kelas Bar is diagonally across from the Decameron Hotel. During the day you can relax at this beach Reggae Bar with music and drinks, and in the evening there are parties. The bar was swept away and destroyed some time ago by the waves, but Kela rebuildtit already.

In San Luis , you find on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, the Sound Bay (Bahia Sonora) - the sounding beach .

Not far away is Rocky Cay (Cayo rocoso), a sandy preliminary storage in the ocean. From where you can see the shipwreck and also has a great view of the city of San Andrés.

Further attractions

Big Pond - the Lagoon
In the midst of the island, surrounded by palm trees and bushes, this lake is located in an enchanting landscape. The lake has an area of approximately one square kilometer. Here one can find many species of birds, on the grasslands grazing horses. In the lake there are many small crocodiles. one can get cocktails at the bar Roots from Rasta Gustavo.

La Loma
The colonization of the island originate here. In the 16th century British colonialists built on the heights their base for the best possible protection against any enemy attacks . In this community there is also the historic Baptist Church , built in 1844.

Johnny Cay
After a 10-minute boat ride you reach Johnny Cay (well visible from the bay sardines). The small coral bank offers a beautiful sandy beach. Palm trees. After swiming the restaurants and bars on the small island inveites you to make life beautiful. There is music in every Form ( Reggae, Calypso , Socca ... ) .

is a sandbank surrounded by of water. The surrounding coral reefs attracts many Fish in this area. It's a beautiful snorkeling paradise. In about 20 minutes you reach by boat Acuario.

Haynes Cay
A coral reef with palm trees and grass surfaces. You can't reach the small island with the boat. From Acuario you can walk / swim across the water to Haynes Cay,

Helga helps you for sure. There are great tours to coral reefs ( Cayo Bolivar and Cayo Albuquerque ) and certainly a lot more great excursions .

Swimming on San Andrés
On some beaches it is advisable to wear slippers! On the western side to the Southern tip of the island with coral reefs is the more water in motion, as the wind there blows a lot. The opposite side of the island is characterized by shallow beaches.

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