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Witches - Ghosts - Voodoo

Excerpt from an article in "Die Welt".

""DomRep - Faith in God and Voodoo in the heart

For the people of the Dominican Republic faith is very important. They had to bring their religion with the Conqueror in line. And then there's something they believe in. Against every problem is a herb. In the voodoo shop of Higüey you can buy essences, for example, to prevent the devil, to bring a large windfall, to barrier evil bosses, to make lazy husbands fit or to tame unruly women.

Voodoo dolls dancing with Madonna figures

"We don't believe that much like the Haitians, but we put the magic seriously. Too much inexplicable has already happened by Voodoo" says Victoriano Cabrera Rosario. The 47 year old Catholic, like almost all other Dominicans, but he also knows that Christianity here and Christianity in Europe are two pairs of shoes. "Officially, we believe in your God, but in some hearts Voodoo lives on."
Syncretism is the magic word. In the Dominican Republic Voodoo doll and Marie figures can dance Merengue together, without God letting fall the cigar out of his hand. This should not be a blasphemy. Like this the locals are feeling who had to learn to bring their old faith and the one imposed by the Spanish conquistadors in line.""

On all the islands of the Caribbean, it is very common to believe in ghosts, evil and good ones.
This is no different to San Andrés.
Therefore also here you can find witches offering help when you are in trouble or you believe to be surrounded by bad energy.
If you want to have help in this direction or perhaps want to take a look into the future, just give it a try. Here it is very easy to find and low priced.

If someone is interested in this, get in contact with me and I'll give you a phone number. Just give her a call and she'll come to your apartment, house, hotel or wherever you live.
For many this will sound very strange but that's also the Caribbean and it doesn't hurt to know the customs.

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